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March 13, 2012

I recently decided I’d try something a little different this year: Photograph the Isle of Man TT. On a more specific level, I want to document what will hopefully turn out to be Guy Martin’s first TT win.

I admit I’m a relative newcomer when it comes to the IOMTT. Being a race fan I have long known of the event of course, but for whatever reason it never occurred to me to follow it closely until fairly recent years. The difference between just merely watching circuit racing and road racing were immediately obvious, and it did not take long for me to be captivated by this unique breed of racers who are equal parts crazy and skilled enough to partake in an extreme version of an already extreme sport. Most of the big name racers in the TT’s history have taken victories, with Guy Martin being arguably the most glaring exception. The fact that he is a superstar with an underdog status intrigued me even more.

Earlier this year while having a casual chat with MotoGP photographer Scott Jones, the idea of making a conscious effort to attend the TT finally sparked and at the same time the perfect event to base my next book project on: Guy Martin’s first win at the Isle of Man TT. As for my part in achieving this goal I’m giving Kickstarter a try, which provides a platform for raising funds for creative projects with a rewards system for project backers. As listeners of MotoPodcast will remember, this has worked to great effect for Jim Race last season. My project is still untitled as of now, but the wheels are in motion and I’ve launched my Kickstarter project. Backer rewards I am offering include custom-made postcards mailed from the Isle of Man, Guy Martin prints, and copies of the book upon completion. And of course, in the event I am unable to raise the funds in its entirety then everyone gets their money back.

Thanks in advance!


Update: Funding was successful! Big thanks to all who have contributed:

  • Ernie Koh
  • Jim Race
  • Motorcycle Supply
  • John Wu
  • Phhh
  • Joseph Wright
  • Sarita Shekar
  • Iris Lo
  • Angela Jelaca
  • Spencer Wu
  • Jensen Beeler
  • Rob Baas
  • Fleming Au
  • Ian Gallagher
  • Sean McCleery
  • Jiaran Wang
  • Frank Tooley
  • Blake Tennessen
  • James Wang
  • S3CCC
  • Jake Fuchs
  • Jesse Cecil
  • Sean Craigen
  • popmonkey
  • Tim Caswell
  • Jen Staig
  • Jonathan Garrish
  • Katie Fenn
  • Laura Snow
  • Diego Radzinschi
  • Brian Chang
  • Leigh Berwick
  • Jared Earle
  • Doug Melaas
  • Joris Van den Bossche
  • JC Maldonado
  • Brian Pan
  • Kevin Koetters
  • Jim Lee
  • Mike Conte
  • Graeme Gardner
  • Kang Soh
  • Andrew Kerr
  • Jeff Joslin
  • Morgan Davis
  • Kellie Leininger Patton
  • Scott Jones
  • CrankyHippo
  • Brian Fischer
  • Christina Jou Kim
  • Joe
  • Markus Adhiwiyogo
  • Rich Lee
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